For small- and medium-sized companies, we offer full service accounting. Our modern systems, skilled experts and innovative processes allow us to provide high-quality service.


Our services are simple and convenient. We will not remove your accounting documents from your office. You will not spend time on document transport. Your documents cannot get lost - and you will always have instant access to the originals.


You will gain full control over your company because you will have online access to all critical financial reports.

Our reports are simple. We avoid technical accounting terminology and design our reports in a way that builds practical business insights.

If you are a foreign company operating in Latvia, you may require to prepare complex reporting packages. Our experience in serving foreign companies has allowed us to accumulate significant expertise in handling even the most complex and non-standard tasks.

Service price

Our fee structure is transparent and predictable. We offer a fixed monthly service fee. Everything is included – there are no hidden expenses.

Solutions for foreign companies

Our accounting service is ideally suited for foreign companies operating in Latvia.

We make all accounting entries in Latvian and English. We can use your standard chart of accounts to enable easier data consolidation. We scan all documents, allowing easy control of the company finances from a distance. If necessary, we can also do accounting following IFRS and US GAAP standards.